‘The Set’

A Varoomlab Journal published research paper delivered at University of Wales Trinity Saint David & featured on Reportager.

Chloe Regan has created an illustrated book ‘The Set’. It is a book within books. It is a book that has come from drawing in many books. ‘The Set’ explores a woman and the spaces she inhabits.

'I chose a specific friend because she spends most of her time between two spaces, the city and her flat. These spaces are both reflective and evocative of her psychological state and inform her patterns of existence. My protagonist responds differently to her flat- the private domestic space and the city - the public urban space. The staircase from her flat to the city bridges the two spaces.'

The book is entitled ‘The Set’ because the woman appeared to use the city and her flat as two different film sets and she behaves differently in each. 

As an illustrator I reflect on human behaviour and the psychological effects of space through drawing. I illustrate people I have met and whose lives intrigue me. Taking a woman I know, I observe and draw.

My speculation about a person and a sense of space can be ruminated on the page and it is the note like and loose marks that I make in response to my observations and thoughts that are more reflective of a human existence, in flux and unstructured.

The city acts as a film set on which she projects a character and way of life. She demonstrates a repetitive nature of rituals informed by the city, similarly as she does in her flat. The films my protagonist watches are set in the city, a public space where she appears aware of people observing her. 

In my book the character initially appeared to behave differently in 3 distinct spaces: her flat, the stairway leading to her flat and the city. As I began to make sense of how the woman perceived space I realised how the individual’s perception of space is highly unique and is created in the mind, formed by associations, memories and imagination.